Basics of Quality (Quality 101)
A course on fundamentals of Quality & Quality Gurus

Fees: USD 150.00

Duration: 1 Months

10% discount off this fees!

Its a wonderful course on the basics of Quality. It provides the details on what, why & how of quality and prepares a participant to understand and appreciate the importance of quality in whatever we do.  

This is a 1-month long distance learning course with a flexibility to complete it any time between a week to 2 months. Since the course is presented in a distance learning mode, you have the liberty to learn at your place and at your pace. And you can still achieve the qualification.

Course Contents

The course covers the following topics presented to you through a well written, graphic-rich course booklet:

a) History of Quality

b) What, why & how of Quality

c) Quality Terminology

d) Quality Gurus & their philosophies

  • American Gurus (Deming, Juran & Feigenbaum)
  • Japanese Gurus (Ishikawa, Taguchi & Shingo)
  • Western Gurus (Philip Crosby & Tom Peters)
  • Comparison of the philosophies


The course material creates an interest for quality for the reader and prompts him/her to explore further into the wonderful topic of quality & TQM.

The course ends with a brief quiz and results in a certificate of achievement for the participant.

"Thanks a lot to Quality Professionals Group and especially to  MR. AVINIT SINGH, who

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